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GSM-R Cab Integrated Radio for Railway Communication

GSM-R Cab Integrated Radio for Railway Communication
Product Detailed
Reliability / Clear voice Railway Communication Meet environmental requirements Interface with Train Number/ Recording 1 Railway Communication System summarization1.1 System structure

CIR is a wireless communication terminal unit for driver. It can provide the function of voice and data transfer on both GSM-R and 450MHz mode.

CIR unit is made up of main rack,MMI,handset,speaker,printer,antenna and the relevant feeder cable.

It is shown in Fig 1and 2 as follows:


Fig 1:System practical diagram (for reference only,the product is actually based on the contract)

Fig 2:System connection diagram

1.2 General function of each part1.2.1 Main rack

Main rack is the core of CIR. It contains the Control unit,GPS unit,Record unit,GSM-R voice unit,GSM-R data unit,450MHz function unit,Power unit.

It is shown in Fig 3 as follows:

Fig 3: Main rack structure diagram

The general function of main rack:

(1)Control the GSM-R Record unit to get the GSM-R voice operation, for example point-to-point call,group call,function number register/ logout,break-in and forced-release etc.

(2)Control the GSM-R data unit by wireless data transfer to get the operation of train number,control orders etc.(optional)

(3)Control 450MHz function unit to get the relevant voice and data communication operation of known analog order.

(4)Change the working mode automatically according to GPS.(optional)

(5)Record all the working data for the analyzing of working state.

(6)Online update is capable for main rack. System maintenance like code updating,data export, can be solved by Network interface or USB interface.

1.2.2 MMI

MMI is equipment for driver. It contains display screen,operating key etc.

The general function of MMI:

(1)Display the working state of main rack.

(2)MMI can provide driver operation like dial etc.

(3)Word and Voice cue of working state.

1.2.3 Handset

Handset is used in communication between drivers. There is a PTT (Push-To-Talk) key on the handset.

It is shown in Fig 4 as follows:

Fig 4: Practical diagram of handset

1.2.4 Printer

Printer is used to print the dispatcher command for the driver.

It is shown in Fig 5 as follows:

Fig 5: Practical diagram of printer

1.3 Supply list2. Fixing demonstration2.1 Main rack2.1.1 Outline dimension

The main rack is mechanism integrated design. Its outline dimension is 540mm( width)×340mm( height)×384mm(depth ).

In the machine,the scale of A and B subrack is standard 19 inch. The height is 3U.The depth is not more than 360mm.

It is shown in Fig 6 as follows: 

Fig 6: Main rack outline dimension diagram(Unit:mm) Cabinet-mount

Cabinet-mount fixing is a method that put the A and B subrack into the mainframe-box of  CIR, and then ties the box to the train.

Cabinet fix on the obligate mounting board in the train. The bearing must achieve the CIR fixing requirement.The obligate mounting hole isΦ6.5mm.

Its fixing is shown in Fig 7 and 8 as follows:

Fig 7: Cabinet-mount mounting hole size diagram  Rack-mount

A,B frame are fixed on the 19 inch rack directly. And A subrack is above the B subrack.

The bearing of rack must achieve the A, B subrack fixing requirement.

2.2 MMI2.2.1 Outline dimension

The full size of MMI is: 180mm (width)×250mm (height)×80mm(thickness).

Its outline dimension (upright) is shown in fig 8 as follows:

Fig 8: MMI outline dimension and fixing scale diagram(upright)

2.2.2 Weight

Not heavier than 5Kg.

2.2.3 Fixing method

The fixing place of MMI is recommended on the foreside or right fore of operating platform in the cab. It is convenient for driver to observe and operate when working. MMI use embedded fixing mode. That is embedded from the frontispiece of panel, and it must be the same level with operating platform after fixing. 

2.3 Handset2.3.1 Outline dimension

The outline dimension of this compact handset pedestal is 72mm(length)×60mm(width).

2.4 Printer

Printer used print dispatcher’s command that received by CIR.

2.4.1 Outline dimension

Fig 9: printer outline dimension

2.4.2 Weight

Approximately 0.8kg.

2.5 antenna

Antenna color is grey,all antenna(except GPS antenna)are ellipse.

Figure 10:antenna fix panel

3. Electrical characteristics3.1 Main rack performance index

Main rack performance index is shown in Table 2 as follows:

3.2 Power Consumption

The power of CIR is all offered by main rack. Therefore, there only give the whole consumption.

The peak consumption of CIR is 106W.

It requires power supply of the train larger than 300W.

4 work condition

(1)Operation temperature: -25°C~+55°C

(2)Relative Humitity: 95%(30°C)


10~30Hz, 0.75mm, three direction

30~55Hz, 0.25mm, three direction



MBTF higher than 12000 hour

GSM-R Cab Integrated Radio for Railway Communication

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